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“Congratulations on your great Milestone! Keep it up” – Phyllis Galbraith, Westmount, QC

“I really enjoy these weekly little ‘capsule’(it’s a French expression)” – Jean-Guy Bouchard, Montreal QC

“Hi Doug! You have a beautiful voice and a gift to tell a story” – Odette Nadeau, Westmount, QC

“Your Voice Is Still Kicking. Love It—I have subscribed to your podcast on iTunes…yahoo” – Anthony Phills, Los Angeles, California

“Nice work getting your Podcast on Spotify, makes it nice and easy to access” – Harper Price-Brown, Vancouver, BC

“Agree! Pandemic puts a huge damper on the National will to Celebrate” – Anthony DiGiorgio, Montreal

‘Super Cool! Can’t wait to check it out and give you more feedback’ – Mendel Kaplan, Brooklyn, New York

‘Another good one. What distraction will the ‘Don’ pull out of his...Rolodex’ – Anthony Di Giorgio, Montreal, QC

‘The Price Is Right’ – Sam Sabloff, The Laurentians, QC

Funny, I told someone to have their wife cut their hair...”I don’t have a wife”...Sorry! – Madeleine Coulombe, St. Hubert, QC

I like your upbeat message – Frank Nixon, Eastern Townships, QC

Good One! – Ted Hill, Montreal, QC

Very Good Douglas…Let’s hope this is the start of World wide mutual understanding – Mike Phillips, Victoria, BC

Keep them coming Doug!!! – Matt Cundill, Winnipeg, MB

’Tis a Leap Year. Better get yourself a motorbike (or a cup) – Matt Holland, Eastern Townships, QC

THIS IS GOOD!!! March is a flippin’ write off – JoAnne Kelly Rudy, Westmount, QC

Where do you get all these ideas? – Germain Hebert, Longueuil, QC

Plenty of wacky crazy days ahead in March, plus Tax Time! – Frank Nixon, Montreal, QC

Yes, my Mother used to say “a little bug,” will take us all down. Wash Your Hands! – Mike Phillips, Victoria, BC

Just the right balance of animation and intimacy. Contained and Tasty HA! – Murray Bruce Price, Galiano, BC

Omydawg! Hate To Say It, but…right on the mark! – Tammy Wilson, Ste Lazare, QC

Really loved listening to Doug on the radio and love his takes on life. Keep up the good work. – Matt Cundill, Winnipeg

Sure Doug. Keep ’em coming. – Ted Hill, Montreal

Thank you for sending me this Doug. Luv your voice. – Tina Salo, Montreal

Subscribed! – Ben Ogden, Montreal

Very informative history lesson. Thank you. – Donna Byrne, Montreal

Merci, for another thriller. – Germain Hebert, Longueuil, Quebec

Ha-ha, very funny and informative. – Ivy Tolchinsky, Côte Saint-Luc, Quebec

So Funny. Loved your growl at the end. Nicely done Doug. – Skye Kelly, Toronto

Dog Remote, TV and a bowl of bones. – Katherine Houston, Vancouver

Hello Doug. Your interesting view-point on vaping finally arrived at my email address; for which, many thanks. – Shirin, Westmount, Quebec

In my youth (Ancient Egypt Time), I was cool and had the best hookah pipe...bought in Morocco no less... – Maddalena R. Montreal

Claw back on your Joint Holdings – I believe they numbered only 4! – Eric Fisher, Westmount, Quebec

Hi Doug Let TO have their moment – they really needed it. Love to see the Expos back. – Bill Hughes, Tsawwassen, British Columbia

I’m Vegan, so I’m in support of the lobsters. Off Plates & From Pots. – Donna Byrnes, Montreal

7 little words that I will incorporate into my familial communication. Thanks Douglas. – Matt Holland, Eastern Townships, Quebec

I listened to your interview on greetings cards. Fun!! – Anne Renaud, Westmount, Quebec

Hilarious but accurate Montreal weather forecast. Liked the bit about daffodils and tulips miraculously appearing overnight. Enjoyed the radio interview as well. – Glenn Hynes, Montreal

Great to hear that Ol’ familiar voice expressing humanity buddy. Always a joy to hear YOU. – Craig Cutler, Somewhere In America

You’re a this!!! – JoAnne Kelly Rudy, Westmount, Quebec

You’re such a talented artist sharing the phonetically intricate opinions of the month (or week) I can’t wait to hear more! – Marshall Axani, Vancouver

Hey, Douglas. Good to hear from you. Your audios are the only things I listen to. I am on an 8-week ‘media fast’ as part of a meditation course I am taking. – Mike Phillips, North Vancouver

Mother’s Day liver. Great one! – David Wolfe, Sarasota, Florida

Thanks Doug. Thinking about going to jump in the lake and try to swim a few laps. – Glenn Hynes, XPat, Australia

May I say May has finally made it! – Nouella Grimes, Montreal

Thanks Doug. The pool is so far away this Spring. – Glen Bowser, Hudson, Quebec

Hi Doug. Thanks for your latest offerings. They are quite chuckle-worthy, especially the tattoo bit. – Ellen Rubin, Westmount, Quebec

Thank you Doug. My husband and I enjoyed your mini podcasts. – Doreen Tang, Montreal

Hi Doug. Just listened to you and had a good chuckle, as well as some serious reflective moments. Great subject matter indeed! – Sandra Lyman, Montreal

Always great to hear from you. Hope all is well, very impressed with your blogs!! – Alex Zorbas, Westmount, Quebec

These are so wonderfully written and delivered. Just terrific!!! – Skye Kelly, Ajax, Ontario

Pet Peeve had me rolling. – Reg Johns, California

A sweetheart from the glory days at CHOM. Listen to Doug Price online! – Melody Pierson, Montreal

Great Personality. Mr. Radio Voice. –Donna Byrne, Hudson, Quebec

So cool...I listened to your blog...1st time I did that. I’ll go listen to a bit more of what you have to say re vegan pet food... –M. Regenstreif, Montreal

Nice Stuff Doug! Oh the “Remember” and the vegan animals...oh my, is my statement an Oxymoron? –Victoria Della Porta, Eastern Townships, Quebec

‘Remember’-really resonates. Man, I used to be the king of names or music artists or hockey numbers. Now (Gulp), not so much. These are great! –Kevin Shea, Toronto

Happy NO April Fools to you too! Thank you for another very entertaining collection of recordings – No Dairy! NO DAIRY!!! Price-less (pun intended). Would Love to see a photo of your Doctor reunion garb! – Marshall Axani, Vancouver

Thank you from Ka...Kath...hmmm...I better look at my name tag. – Katherine Houston, Vancouver

LOL!!! I was recently thinking of putting my cat on one of those diets!!! He’s a Big Fat Lazy Ass, but I looove him sooo much! – Julie Poulin, Montreal

Hi Doug. Thanks for the April Fool’s chuckle, no foolin!!! – Ellen Rubin, Quebec

Thank You! P.S. I’m the Keeper! – Katherine Houston, Vancouver

Thanks Doug. Lots of ice there to nibble on... – Ellen Rubin, Quebec

‘Potato chips at midnight’...‘Do you mind if I smoke?’...Great punch lines, Doug... – Reg Johns, California

Love these! Hope your eye is okay!...and the Buzzer – great call! – Skye Shea Toronto

Thanks a bunch for your monthly thoughts and sharing with the universe. – Sandra Lyman, Montreal

Like your new page. Way better! – Tammy, Wilson Sainte-Lazare, Quebec

Thanks Doug! Love your voice... – Katie Malloch, Westmount, Quebec

These are really well created. Bravo, Disco Doug! – Kevin Shea, Toronto

These are great. Especially the consideration for asshats behind the wheel. – Justis Price-Brown, Vancouver

Thanks Doug! – Luce Cailleres, Montreal

Thank you, Douglas. Now I feel like I can face February. – Matt Holland, Montreal

Love waking up to listen to those clips, very much brought me into the Groundhog Day spirit and I as well totally can relate to those courtesy examples! Just remove the lint! – Marshall Axani, Vancouver

I am anxiously awaiting the next batch of pressure! – Kathy O’Farrell, Montreal

Good stuff, Doug, keep ‘em coming. – Reg Johns, San Diego, California

Thank you, Douglas. True and entertaining. We are waiting for March 1st. – Mike Phillips, Victoria, British Columbia

Hi there! Interesting stuff. – Gunnar and Svetla, Paris

I was highly entertained. Keep ‘em coming. – Reg J., San Diego

Glad to hear you’re alive and well Doug. And your voice is as great as it ever was. – George K., Victoria, British Columbia

Thank You. Some nice stories in there. – Katherine H., Vancouver

Ha! Ha! Ha!...I’ve listened to your ‘musings’ on your ‘blog’ and it’s fabulous. I love listening to your voice. – Julie P., Montreal

Glad you’re putting your creative spirits out there. Although very different subjects, I really connected with your ‘Remembrance Day’ poem and your ‘Wet’ Christmas. – Justis P., Vancouver

Very good. Your writing and monologues are so well done. – Ellen R., Westmount, Quebec

Not sure I like hearing your voice without knowing where your hands are... – T. Wilson, Saint-Lazare, Quebec

Great stuff, Doug. It’s great to hear you on a mic again. – S. Shannon, Barriere, British Columbia