AUGUST 2019: School days, school days Dear old ďbrokenĒ rule days... (2:32) ∑ Hope floats I can swim but my house is drowning... (2:06) ∑ Happy trails Purple Rain rides the range... (2:12) ∑ O Canada Oh, happy days... (2:13) ∑ JULY 2019: Dog days of summer How now bow-wow... (1:45) ∑ Coping with hi-tech is Making me a nervous wreck... (2:09) ∑ Vaping just another way of Escaping to Hookahville... (2:14) ∑ Get ready for the e-Tour de France Clean, green, and shockingly serene... (2:13) JUNE 2019: Fire up the summer festivals Lobsters gone to pot... (2:02) ∑ Summer-cut blues There ainít no cure... (2:22) ∑ Full-circle summer What goes around... (2:11) ∑ Father has his day Dad gets the last word! (2:13) ∑ Whither the Weather? ĎAll Seasonsí are the reason! (2:09) MAY 2019: Built to fail Earth built to fail! (1:44) ∑ My sporting life? Donít come around here no more! (2:17) ∑ Motherís Day Momís the word! (2:14) ∑ Built to last Clean up your act! (2:07) APRIL 2019: Pet peeve The worldís gone vegan! (1:51) ∑ Best before dates Release the hounds! (2:09) ∑ Remember? Remember your name tag! (1:41) ∑ Greeting cards Grim reaper on duty! (1:43) MARCH 2019: Winterís last gasp! A chip off the old ice block. (1:51) ∑ No more inhaling here Two new elephants in the room. (2:09) ∑ The keeper Look for the signs! (1:41) ∑ The lion and the lamb The lamb lies down! (1:46) FEBRUARY 2019: February bookends Groundhog Day lives. February 29 still extinct. (1:09) ∑ February flew/flu! Weíve all got the flu. Take some yogurt and call me in the morning. (2:07) ∑ Valentine Day for you! Take it to heart. (0:40) ∑ In consideration of courtesy Itís a choice!? (1:22) JANUARY 2019: What ever happened to honesty? It just ainít the truth anymore. (0:54) ∑ When is it my time? Itís time to take the time for yourself. (0:40) ∑ Lost and found: the cap Sometimes you have to just keep looking. (2:13) ∑ Iíve seen the future Itís a tsunami and itís coming right at me! (1:48) DECEMBER 2018:My Favourite Christmas Story All my presents were dry! (0:53) ∑ Holiday Cheer in the Hospital A special visit to a hospital with a heart on Christmas Eve. (14:39) ∑ Remembering Remembrance Day If we want the world to be truly free, the peace must start with you and me. (1:54) ∑ Sergeant Pepper 50 Years Ago Today He didnít just teach the band...he taught the whole world to play. (0:25)